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  1. Malai Kofta: Koftas are fried dumpling of mashed potatoes, grated paneer along with spices, dunked in a smooth creamy gravy made of onion, tomatoes, cashews and topped with cream (Malai). Rich, creamy and delicious curry.
  2. Mixed Vegetables: Medley of garden vegetables slow cooked in onion tomato based sauce and cashew paste for the extra sweetness. Veggie lovers favorite.
  3. Dhal tadka: Yellow lentils tempered with mild spices and ghee. Our comfort food.
  4. Veg pulav: Long grain aromatic basmati rice cooked to perfection along with garden vegetables and whole spices. Please discard the whole spices if you find any. Perfect pair for any of the dish mentioned above or just snack on it without them either!
  5. Navratan Korma: Mixture of fruits (raisins, pineapple), vegetables (carrot, beans, cauliflower, bell pepper, green peas) and nuts (cashew) cooked in a rich creamy sauce made with cashews and poppy seeds.
  6. Dhal Makhani: Whole black lentils (whole urad) and red kidney beans (rajma) slow cooked for several hours in a mildly spiced sauce and topped with butter. Its full of protein and delicious. You won't get tired for several batches of this dhal. No wonder its called the king of dhals.
  7. Palak Paneer: Paneer (Indian cheese) cooked with spinach and mild spices in an onion tomato based gravy. Market favorite. Go Green!
  8. Veg Hariyali: Medley of garden vegetables cooked in a spinach based sauce.
  9. Mutter Paneer: Paneer (Indian cheese) cooked in a onion tomato based sauce along with peas. Our personal favorite! Goes with rice or bread - you name it.
  10. Kadhi Pakora: Potato fritters (pakora) are dunked in a yogurt based curry made with besan (gram flour) and spices.
  11. Paneer Masala: Paneer cooked along with red and green bell peppers in a creamy tomato sauce.
  12. Paneer Khurchaan: Grated paneer (Indian cheese) cooked with red and green bell peppers to a creamy consistency. The dish is rich and tasty - a perfect pair with naan or veg pulav.
  13. Kadahi Paneer Masala: Slices of paneer (Indian cheese), onions and bell peppers cooked in tangy tomato based gravy along with freshly ground house blend of whole spices.
  14. Moong Makhani: Moong (green lentils - split green gram) cooked in onion tomato based sauce with mild freshly ground whole spices topped with butter. Perfect pair for veg pulav. Rich in protein and surprisingly tasty.
  15. Channa Masala: Chickpeas slow cooked to perfection in onion tomato based gravy along with house blend of whole spices. Perfect pair for veg pulav.
  16. Mixed Dhal: Five yellow lentils (toor, moong, channa, urad, masoor) blended to perfection and cooked in a mildly spiced onion-tomato sauce along with ginger, garlic.
  17. Tava Mushroom: Mushroom sauteed in butter, cooked along with peas to perfection in a cashew nut based gravy with turmeric, topped with a bit cream. Mild, sweet and creamy. If you like mushrooms, you will fall in love with this dish!
  18. Rajma: red kidney beans (rajma) slow cooked in tomato based sauce along with house blend of whole spices. Is anything more popular than rajma-chawal (red kidney beans with rice)?
  19. Aloo-Mirch sabzi (Dry): Aloo (potatoes) and shimla mirch (bell pepper) cooked house blend freshly ground mild spices.
  20. Dhum Aloo: Whole baby potatoes slow cooked in a creamy onion-tomato based sauce with mild spices.
  21. Aloo Mutter: Potatoes and peas cooked in a tangy tomato based sauce along with freshly ground whole spices. Its medium spicy and a delightful treat to all the taste buds.
  22. Methi Malai Mutter: Paneer (Indian cheese), peas (mutter) cooked in a rich based made of cashews and cream topped with fenugreek leaves (methi) and butter (malai).
  23. Aloo Gobi (Dry): Aloo (potatoes) and gobi (cauliflower) cooked to perfection along with green peas and house blend freshly ground mild spices dominated by turmeric. This week it's cooked to a saucy consistency.
  24. Each of our recipe is prepared fresh and hot, practiced care, clean efficiency, and an extra dash of love for good measure.

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